Equine Facilitated Learning

Uffington White Horse Busty“Thank you for a fantastic weekend at Equine Soul Connection. An exciting and insightful two days which has given me the inspiration to explore what gives me energy, be comfortable in the not knowing, and most of all to follow my joy!” Rebecca (2 day intensive)

“I just wanted to say again thank you. It was a magical two days and a very deep experience. I saw a lot and learned a lot and it was very healing. The joy I felt with your horse… and your presence and authenticity.” Ina (2 day intensive)

“I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but having talked to Shelley I knew that she was committed to providing a safe and special place. This is exactly what I found over the two days at Shelley and Sue’s home – a place where I could explore my questions and certainly to let go of my rather brain centred approach to emotions.

Right from the start, I felt comfortable and enabled to share. Tears and giggles were all part of it, and we progressed at a wonderful pace, never feeling rushed or under pressure as I know I sometimes feel when I interact with horses. I even had a sense that Shelley’s equine co-facilitators were ‘in on it’ letting us share their space, with no sense of expectation on any of us, both horse and humans alike.

If like me, you have a rather rational view of life, which of course has served me well, but have an inkling that there’s more to it, I would recommend exploring Shelley’s approach.  Emotions can be tricky little devils to pinpoint, but with the expertise of Widget and Pip (the horses) and the support of Shelley, I gained confidence in getting to know my feelings, while having fun doing it. It has certainly left me with wanting to do more and if like me you have horses in your life, my time with Shelley has given me some tools and confidence to be with my horses in a more heartfelt, less brain way.” Paula (2 day intro workshop)

Supervision and Mentoring

“Having Shelley’s support through professional supervision provides me with a safe relationship where I can comfortably share my practice in all its truths.

Shelley’s listening, insights, and experience provide me with reassurance, clarification and encouragement for my own personal growth and ensure my clients receive the best of my capabilities.

Shelley’s belief in my potential and how she has given me perspective on both my highs and lows have ensured my professional development, with her as my mentor my EFL; practice has progressed further and faster than I ever hoped possible.”

Carrie Atherton, Learning Facilitator for SEBD (Social, Emotional and Behavioural difficulties) young people in a residential school.

“Shelley was an absolute inspiration. I cannot recommend her more highly. Her positivity, empathy sensitivity, and wonderful sense of humour are a gift.”

Christiane Ewing, Artist and IFEAL graduate