Equine Facilitated Learning and Therapy

You can come to us for an introductory session, short course or a two to three day intensive to suit your needs. A session normally lasts at least 2 hours.

If you are a horse owner and wish to work on both your personal growth and your relationship with your horse,  Shelley is happy to travel a reasonable distance to your yard. Ridden exercises can be included in the programme for horse owners.

Introductory Sessions

An introductory session lasts 2-3 hours and gives you a taste of the power and impact of Equine Facilitated Learning.

A Short Course or Regular Sessions

Some clients find it helpful to come for regular sessions over a period of time.  This can be helpful if you require support through a difficult time or life transition, or just as an affirming support for your life journey. A regular safe space with a facilitator, horses and nature can be an oasis of peace and comfort in our stressful lives.

Couples and Small Groups

Shelley can offer day or weekend experiences for couples and small groups.

Trauma Therapy

Equine therapy sessions can be incorporated in to treatment for developmental or complex trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Working with horses can assist with emotional regulation to help stabilise symptoms of trauma in order to prepare you for trauma processing. Please read my Trauma Therapy page for more information.

Intensives / Retreats

An intensive is recommended if you want to go deeper with the work.  The sessions will include a range of activities, tailored according to your needs although we often cover much of the material you would learn in an introductory workshop.

If you are looking for further insight regarding a particuar issue or problem, or prefer working one on one, then this is a good choice. As well as working with the horses, your intensive experience may include:


We like to include bodywork as part of your 2 or 3 day intensive experience. Our bodies hold emotional patterns in our cells, particularly the muscles and fascia. Our experienced bodyworker uses a combination of clinical aromatherapy, chinese medical massage and myofascial release to help your body release the emotions that may arise as a result of the work with the horses.



We live approx 20 mins drive from Avebury, the largest stone circle in Europe and one of the best known prehistoric sites in Britain.

Although there is no definitive explanation of the purpose of Avebury, it is widely accepted that it was and is a site of spiritual significance. It is a special place that is close to our hearts and can be included in your intensive retreat as a further exploration of your energy awareness or simply an experience of a beautiful and unique part or our heritage.

A walk on the plain

We are based up a bridleway on part of Salisbury plain. A very short walk up the bridleway brings us out on to the open, rolling, green that is the signature of Salisbury plain. Activities can include a relaxing dog walk, a silent meditative walk or walking with the herd.

Staying Locally

We have a good choice of local B&Bs and a Michelin Star pub within walking distance, so why not treat yourself to an EFL based retreat?   You can even go glamping at the local organic farm, Rushall Organics.


Please see workshop page for workshops in Wiltshire and other locations.