“I feel that I was very fortunate to be appointed Shelley as my mentor during my professional studies. I felt deeply supported by her and seen and heard at a profound level. She models so authentically what we are all struggling towards, being openhearted, compassionate, intuitive, wise and non judgemental, also holding good personal and professional boundaries and integrating the theory into the practical in an understandable and empowering way.

I would seek supervision from Shelley without any hesitation and feel that would be a sound investment in my continuing professional development.”

Janet Jenkins, Teacher, Counsellor and IFEAL graduate.  

As faculty member for IFEAL, one of Shelley’s favourite and most satisfying roles has been mentoring and supervising students during their studies, as they start their practice and beyond.

The most important aspects of mentoring and supervision are creating the space for you to explore:

  • The style of working that is congruent for you, your clients and horses
  • Compassionate awareness of your triggers (projection, transference and countertransference) and how to work with them
  • Trusting the process – what does that look and feel like for both you and your clients?
  • Using your body as a resource
  • How to achieve a real partnership with your equine colleagues
  • Ethics, risk assessment and scope of practice

She is happy to offer supervision and mentoring to any EFL or EFP practitioner in the UK or internationally by Skype.

“Shelley Carr is a highly professional and dedicated mentor. I had the privilege of having Shelley as my mentor during the second year of the IFEAL Equine Facilitated Human Development course in 2016 and also as a Faculty member of IFEAL Qualifications.  Shelley provides a perfect balance of support, encouragement and challenge. She encourages growth to happen at a personal level whilst ensuring the quality of the work that one undertakes is of the highest standard. Her ability to challenge at the right moment and to pick up on critical nuances within my client work has been hugely valuable and no doubt comes from her many years of experience and depth of insight in the field of Equine facilitation”. 

Erika Uffindell , Director, The Global Centre for Conscious Leadership 

Shelley would not be able to offer this service if it hadn’t been so well modelled by her teacher, mentor and friend, Kathleen Barry Ingram.  Kathleen co-created the Epona Approach and now works as a mentor, coach and consultant from her home in Tuscon and internationally.  More about her work can be found at sacredplaceofpossibility.com